Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy: You were in a hurry when you booked your Southwest flight ticket, and you misspelled your name on the ticket. In this case, Southwest Airlines’ name change policy lets you change the name on your ticket in a few easy steps. First lets understand the name change policy of Southwest Airlines.

Explanation of Southwest Name Change policy

Southwest Airlines’ name change policy let clients change their ticket bookings. This regulation ensures that the reservation name matches the passenger’s government-issued ID at the airport. It reduces check-in and boarding delays. The policy also specifies name change costs, eligibility, and paperwork requirements, as well as passenger name change procedures. Southwest Airlines offers this policy to simplify name changes for its passengers.

Eligibility for Southwest Name Change

Southwest Airlines’ name change policy states:

  1. The ticketed passenger or a legal guardian or spouse must seek a name change.
  2. The name change must be legal, misspelled, or marital.
  3. The passenger’s airport ID must match the new name.
  4. Change your name at least two hours before the trip.

Subject to the policy’s costs, paperwork requirements, and other processes, eligible customers may modify their flight reservation name.

Who can request a Southwest name change?

Southwest Airlines allows the ticketed passenger or a legal guardian or spouse to seek a name change. This implies that if a person has to modify their flight reservation name, they may do it themselves or delegate it to a legally authorized representative. The regulation requires the requester to provide proper papers and match the passenger’s government-issued identity.

What name modifications are permitted?

Southwest Airlines accepts several name changes:

1. Legal Name Change: A passenger’s travel reservation may be altered to match their new legal name after marriage, divorce, adoption, or court order.

2. Misspelling: Passengers may update their flight reservation name if it’s misspelled.

3. Married Name: A traveller may modify their flight reservation name to match their new last name if they just got married.

Name changes must fulfill policy eligibility and documentation criteria. Southwest Airlines may decline a name change request if it violates policy or constitutes a security concern.

Southwest Airlines Name Correction Policy 

Southwest Airlines requires the following paperwork for name correction on flight reservations:

If the name correction is due to a legal name correction, the passenger must provide a government-issued ID with their new legal name and a copy of the legal document that proves the name change, such as a marriage certificate or court order.

If the name correction is due to a misspelling, the passenger must present a government-issued ID with their proper name and paperwork (such a birth certificate or social security card) to confirm it.

If the name correction is due to marriage, the traveller must produce a marriage certificate and a prior name identification.

For security and identity, the reservation name must match the passenger’s government-issued identification. To prevent delays, clients should read the policy and acquire the relevant evidence before seeking a name correction.

Steps for requesting a Southwest change name

Follow these procedures to modify a Southwest Airlines flight reservation name:

1. Review Southwest Airlines’ name change eligibility and paperwork requirements.

2. Support the name change request with government-issued ID and legal name change or marriage paperwork.

3. Call or speak with Southwest Airlines’ customer support ( +1 888-304-7471 ) to change your name. Give the reservation confirmation number, the passenger’s name, and the reason for the name change.

4. Give the customer care person the name change documents. They may request extra evidence to verify name change eligibility.

5. Pay any name change fees to finalize the request. Pay online or by phone.

6. Get Southwest Airlines’ name change confirmation and new tickets and boarding permits.

How a name change affects existing flight reservations?

Southwest Airlines flight reservations are affected by name changes.

  • First, tickets, boarding cards, and other travel papers will be updated with the customer’s name.
  • Second, if the original rate is no longer available for the changed route, the client may have to pay a difference to get a new reservation. The name change fee is determined from the new itinerary’s existing fare.
  • Third, if appropriate, Rapid Rewards points will be changed to reflect the new account name.
  • Name modifications are limited by availability. Name change policies vary by reservation type and pricing class.

About Southwest Airlines Brand

Southwest Airlines is a significant Dallas-based airline formed in 1967. It pioneered low-cost carriers with its inexpensive rates, efficient operations, and courteous service. Southwest operates a single type of aircraft (Boeing 737) and point-to-point flights between minor airports to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

Southwest Airlines is known for its “heart” emblem, colorful colors, and joyful, customer-centric attitude. The airline is noted for its quirky ads, funny in-flight announcements, and free checked luggage and no change costs. Southwest ranks well in customer satisfaction polls and has earned multiple customer service accolades.

Southwest Airlines flies millions of people to over 100 locations in the US, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Southwest is devoted to customer service, efficiency, and innovation despite the COVID-19 epidemic and growing airline competition.

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