Singapore Airlines Name Change on Ticket

Singapore Airlines name correction policy

Can I make name correction on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines requires that the name on your ticket exactly match the name on your passport or other acceptable government-issued identification. You might not be able to board your aircraft if it doesn’t.

You can correct spelling errors “within reason” in accordance with Singapore Airlines’ name correction policy so that your name displays correctly on your ticket. You can get help from: if your name does not show correctly on your ticket.

Correct your name up to three characters, the salutation, the maiden and married names, and add your middle name.

Is it possible to change a passenger’s name on Singapore Airlines?

Although Singapore Airlines does allow name changes, there are specific situations where the following restrictions apply:

  • Singapore Airlines tickets are non-transferable, and the airline does not authorise a full name change that results in a change of passenger.
  • Before the trip starts, names must be changed or corrected.
  • Telephone name changes or adjustments are not permitted.
  • You will need to present documentation proving your legal name, such as a passport, driver’s licence, divorce or marriage certificate, etc.
  • When your voyage starts, name changes are not allowed.

With a Singapore Airlines ticket, how can I change the passenger name?

You must phone, your local Singapore Airlines office, or your travel agent and ask them how to resolve the issue if your name does not display correctly on your ticket.

Although name changes cannot be accomplished over the phone, you will get all the information you want, including the local office’s contact information and email address, the paperwork needed to alter or modify your name, the name change cost (if any), etc.

Can I use my middle name on a ticket for Singapore Airlines?

You can, indeed. Ask the travel agency you used to book your ticket, the local office in your location, how to get your middle name added to your ticket. Even if it might not be feasible to do this over the phone, you will get the right advice for your region from them.

Cost for Name Change on Singapore Airlines

Typically, there is no charge for small name changes, such as spelling errors made by Singapore Airlines workers. For additional name corrections and/or modifications, an Airline Service Charge (OC Tax) of USD 50 will be charged for the UK and an equivalent amount for other nations.

You must pay the appropriate flight change cost if the name change necessitates a new PNR, such as after a marriage, divorce, or adoption.

This might be between USD 75 for Economy Class, USD 100 for Premium Economy Class, USD 200 for Business Class, and USD 500 for First Class (First Class). Check your ticket’s price conditions or contact your local Singapore Airlines office at +1-844-933-2065 for the precise cost.

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