KLM Flight Ticket Name Change Cost

KLM Airlines name correction policy

Travelers who unintentionally committed mistakes while filling out their booking forms are the target audience for the KLM name change policy & cost. The insurance charges a little or no cost in order to help them make the required repairs. To understand more about each part of the KLM name correction or flight change policy, continue reading:

  • The airline will enable you to make changes to your name till 30 hours before to departure. 
  • To complete the KLM name change form, you must have a ticket purchased from an authorised website. Flight changes at the approved channels are not available for any reservations booked through any other channels.
  • Depending on the information on the passport, KLM permits name changes. The whole name of the traveller cannot be altered. In other words, you cannot give someone else ownership of the purchased tickets. 
  • According to the KLM name change policy, after the risk-free time, the customer will be required to pay a percentage of the ticket price as name change costs.
  • The KLM name change policy states that the airline will only take name change requests for flights with flight numbers starting with KL. 
  • Changing passenger names the day of departure is not possible. If the reservation was booked through a third party agency, the passenger name cannot be changed.
  • The KLM name change facility is not available on reward tickets. For making corrections contact the team individually. 
  • You may get in touch with the group via either the customer care phone or the official website.
  • At least 72 hours before to departure, the passenger who made the booking with the partner airlines must amend their name.

KLM Name Change Cost

KLM offers a free change period. The airline then deducts a tiny portion of the booking price for KLM name change expenses. The price will be established based on a number of factors, including fare classifications, the quantity of revisions, the departure date, and many others.

To find out how much it will cost to get your name changed, follow these steps:

  • If the change is made at least 30 hours before departure, you are exempt from paying KLM name change fees.
  • Once the risk-free time ends, you will need to pay name change fees by going through the KLM name correction process.
  • Using its official website, mobile app, customer care line, airport counter, and sales office, the airline will provide a name change service. 
  • A passenger who booked the reservation with one of the partner airlines must amend their name at least 72 hours before to departure, per KLM’s name change policy. 
  • Unapproved sources are not permitted to make changes. You will need to renew your tickets if you change your name through a travel agent since the KLM Name Change fee will be applied to the entire cost of the ticket.

KLM Name Correction Policy

  • Bookings should be made through official methods, and name changes are permitted as long as they are made within the given time frame.
  •  According to KLM’s policy on name changes, you can change a passenger’s name up to 30 hours before departure.
  •  The age should match the passport’s age range.
  • If your maiden name or family name has been rectified, you may fly. That means that you can still travel with the same ticket even if you don’t remember to provide your full name while making the reservation. But, be sure your name is spelled correctly every time. It ought to resemble a passport.
  • If the reservation is made outside the available channels, you will be responsible for paying KLM name change fees.If the changes are made after the free change time has passed, the airline will incur a KLM name change fee.

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