Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Policy: For tickets purchased via a travel agency, Hawaiian Airlines charges USD $25 to alter the passenger’s name. However, Hawaiian Airlines offers free name changes and corrections for tickets purchased via their website. 

If you want to alter your name on Hawaiian Airlines and have questions or need help, you may call their toll-free number +1-888-304-7471

Hawaiian Airlines’ policy on Name Correction.

Hawaiian Airlines requires that the entire name of the passenger be entered by the TSP during the booking process. Correcting a name on a PNR will cost you, unless you’re only fixing a typo of up to three letters or you’re legally changing your name. When more than three characters need to be changed, the name must be changed. (and will incur a fee).

How to Reissue a Hawaiian Airlines Ticket with a New Name?

A fee of USD $25 will be assessed for any name changes made to tickets purchased via a third party owing to misspellings or legal name changes. Hawaiian Airlines does not charge a fee to fix errors like misspelled names or dates of birth on tickets purchased straight from the airline. 

The first three digits of your Hawaiian Airlines ticket will be 173. Please contact the travel agency from whom you booked your ticket if the number on your ticket does not begin with 173. 

How can I change my name on a Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Both the TSA and Hawaiian Airlines require that the name on your ticket match the name on your official government-issued picture identification. You must notify Hawaiian Airlines if you have a name change or if your ticket was booked under the wrong name. 

Rules & Regulations for Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

Name changes that qualify are those that may be performed with or without legal proof, as shown below.

  • Name changes that are recognized by law, such as those resulting from marriage, divorce, or other legal proceedings, need official paperwork.
  • Call Hawaiian Airlines Reservations at and have your new identification documents available before requesting a name change.
  • There may be a price for correcting a misspelled name, changing a nickname to a full name, adding a middle name, etc., so be sure to call Hawaiian Airlines 
  • Reservations if you need to make any of these changes.
  • Your passport or other official form of identification may be requested.
  • If you bought your flight directly with Hawaiian Airlines, you won’t have to pay a charge to modify your name due to a typo (for up to three characters).
  • Ineligible name changes include the following.

Name changes that are not allowed under any circumstances are considered ineligible by Hawaiian Airlines. A ticket purchased on Hawaiian Airlines, for instance, cannot be transferred to another passenger. 

Documents required for Hawaiian Airlines Name Change

In order to alter my name, what documents do I need?

The following forms of identification will be required if you want to legally change your name as a result of marriage, divorce, or any other life event:

  • A certificate of marriage, if applicable.
  • A divorce decree in the event of a separation.
  • To update your passport with a middle name, etc.

For other purposes, any relevant legal document will do.

How can I update my HawaiianMiles account with a new name?

You’ll need to contact Hawaiian Airlines by phone if you wish to change your first or last name on your HawaiianMiles account. For safety reasons, your HawaiianMiles account name cannot be changed.  The following forms must be submitted if you want to legally alter your name:

  1. A marriage license, divorce decree, passport, or driver’s license showing your new name. 
  2. Your current HawaiianMiles number and a written, signed request to alter your name. 
  3. You may either fax them to +1-888-304-7471 or upload them here.

Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Fee 

If you booked with a third party, Hawaiian Airlines will charge you USD $25 to change your name by up to three characters; if you booked directly with Hawaiian Airlines, the change is free of charge. Changing more than three letters of a name is considered a new name. (and are allowed). Valid legal paperwork, such as a marriage license or a divorce judgment, must support such claims. 

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