Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Policy: Most individuals have a vacation to Hawaii on their list of must-dos. But if the epidemic has taught us anything, it’s how crucial it is to organize vacations in advance. Understanding the airline’s cancellation and change policies should be part of that planning.

With the exception of travelers in Hawaiian Airlines no longer charges a change fee under the most recent revisions to the airline’s change flight policy.

The following are some significant aspects of Hawaiian Airlines’ new change flight policy:

  • If you switch your flight to a Main Cabin or a more expensive price, you won’t be charged a change fee.
  • If you need to change the flight on an award ticket that you got using Hawaiian Miles points, you won’t be charged a change fee.
  • COVID-19 Travel Exemptions

All tickets, including award flights bought using HawaiianMiles and Basic tickets, are eligible for Hawaiian Airlines COVID-19 travel waivers.

How to Change a Flight on Hawaiian Airlines

If you want to alter an existing flight, you must comply with Hawaiian Airlines’ flight change policy.

  • Call or go online to first cancel your flight.
  • After that, rebook your new ticket before it expires by getting in touch with Hawaiian Airlines Reservations. Online cancellations are not possible.

Note. You won’t be charged a change fee when you rebook your ticket (except from Main Cabin Basic), but you will be responsible for the price difference (if any). The ticket difference will not be reimbursed to your account if your new fare is less expensive.

Online flight cancellation for Hawaiian Airlines:

  1. Go to HawaiianAirlines.com’s main page.
  2. Enter your travel information to retrieve your trip from My Trips.
  3. (Your e-ticket number, confirmation code, and last name)
  4. Choose your flight, then reschedule it.

If you need to make any modifications to your reservation after purchasing your airline ticket from a travel website or agency, get in touch with them right away.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Modification Charge

The Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy is as follows:

All tickets on Hawaiian Airlines are now change fee-free, with the exception of Main Cabin Basic rates. This implies that you will no longer be charged a change fee for tickets purchased in Main Cabin, Business Class, or First Class. In addition, you won’t be charged a change fee if you modify an award ticket that you bought using HawaiianMiles.

  • For limited refundable fares, the refund charge is:
  • 25 dollars for nearby islands
  • For flights to North America, $100
  • For international flights, $100
  • Free same-day standby adjustments to flights to neighboring islands are available to Pulani Platinum and Gold members, business travelers, and others.

Tickets for the Main Cabin Basic are non-transferable and non-refundable.

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