British Airways Change Flight Policy

After a booking has been made, British Airways may change its flight policy.

The following is an outline of the primary guidelines that govern the flight change policy of British Airways:

  • The policy of the airline regarding changes to passengers’ itineraries is only applicable to tickets with a journey completion date of September 30, 2022 or after. 
  • The expiration date of an existing voucher will have its validity automatically extended, and you will shortly be told about the specifics of the new voucher.
  • You must have made your reservation for the flight directly with British Airways, either via their website, their contact center, or one of their trade outlets. 
  • Sun-Air tickets are exempt from the rules that governs the changing of flights.
  • The policy on changing flights is only applicable to tickets purchased from British Airways. 
  • Requests to amend the check-in date and/or to get travel vouchers must be submitted before the check-in desk closes.
  • You are responsible for the difference in price between your old and new tickets if the new ticket is more expensive. 
  • Travel vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash and may only be used for the following: 1. Purchasing airline tickets from British Airways. 
  • Making a reservation via British Airways Holidays, with a minimum of seven days’ notice for hotel stays.
  • Travel vouchers that have been partially paid for using Avios points cannot be used to purchase only a flight by themselves. 
  • All outbound and inbound journeys purchased using travel vouchers have to be completed by September 30, 2023 at the latest. 
  • Vouchers for travel may be used against either a partial or whole payment for the purchase of a new ticket. 

Date of expiration for flight changes with British Airways

British Airways has announced that the validity period for flights that were originally scheduled to be finished by September 30, 2022 has been extended to September 30, 2023.

This indicates the following:

• The expiration date of your ticket has been automatically extended until September 30, 2023.

• You are free to modify your travel dates and locations without being charged a change fee.

• If the price of your new ticket is higher, you are responsible for paying the difference.

Fees for Changing Flights with British Airways 

What is the cost to Change a flight with British Airways for each individual passenger?

If you make the modifications to your reservation via British Airways’ website, the airline will not charge a change fee (for most short-haul prices), but you will be responsible for paying any relevant pricing difference between the old and new rates. You will, however, be subject to a fee if you make the modifications over the phone or at the airport. 

• There is no charge to modify your reservation online (for the majority of short-haul itineraries).

• A cost of USD 25 is assessed for any changes made over the phone, in addition to any relevant fare differences. 

• There is a USD 35 cost to make a change at the airport, in addition to any relevant price difference.

How to Make a Change to Your Reservation With British Airways  

Altering the date, time, or destination of a flight booked with British Airways may be done either over the phone (+1-888-304-7471), or online. 

Note. You will only be able to make changes to your British Airways flight if you purchased your ticket directly from the airline, either via their website, phone center, or sales office. You are need to make direct contact with the third party if you made your reservation via them.

To amend the date and/or time of your flight booked with British Airways online:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Below the booking box, you’ll see a link labeled Manage My Booking. Click this.
  3. To retrieve your flight reservation, please do the following: 
  4. Enter the booking reference number, as well as your last name.
  5. Select the Continue option by clicking the button. 
  6. Choose the flight for which you want to make adjustments. 5. Click the button labeled “Change/Cancel Booking.” 
  7. Implement the required adjustments. 
  8. To finish booking your new flight, just follow the on-screen directions.

British Airways Flight Change through Toll Free Number

You may make modifications to your flight by contacting the change flight phone number shown on this page for British Airways, which can be reached by dialing +1-888-304-7471. The phone lines are available around the clock.

In the event that you bought your ticket directly from British Airways and then realized there was an error, the most advantageous course of action would be to cancel your flight reservation within the first twenty-four hours (without incurring any penalties), request a full refund, and then rebook your ticket in the right manner. 

Only by phoning British Airways can you make a claim for a refund under these conditions. If you bought your travel using Avios, however, you may handle the refund via their website.

The Justification for British Airways Make a Change to Your Flight Ticket

If a passenger or the passenger’s family member or close relative becomes very sick, or if a passenger’s family member or close relative passes away, British Airways may:

  • Extend the validity time of the ticket in the event of illness;
  • Extend the validity duration of the ticket by up to 45 days in the case of death of a family member or close relative of the passenger.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Changing a One-Way Flight on British Airways

You may contact British Airways by phone or go online to make changes to the date of your return flight. 

Simply give the local British Airways office in your region a call with your request to modify your return trip, and they will do it for you over the phone. Through the Manage My Booking feature on the British Airways website, you have the ability to make changes to your return trip online. After clicking on this tab (which causes it to appear below the booking box), retrieve your flight by entering your booking reference and last name, select it, and then click on the modify/Cancel Booking button. Finally, modify the date of your return trip.

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